You Will Not Always Be A Beginner

The good news is, you will not always be a beginner at something you try. Once you have tried it, you have stepped into something new with the option to move beyond a beginner. This is a place you can explore if you are willing to keep trying. If you give up, then you must start again and remain a beginner.

It’s okay to do that. I do it.

It’s hard being a beginner. It’s okay to try and fail, try and give up and try and try again. Sometimes it’s not the right time to do the “thing” or create the “thing”, but when it is – you will know. You will feel it pulling you from your core.

Even if you feel that pull, enjoy trying new things, and are invigorated by the idea of a new project, we all get to a place of thinking we suck and why did we even try. What we see as a vision for a project, a piece of art, music, books, etc., does not always match what comes out of us. We have a great vision, but not enough practice to back it up. We often get disappointed by the outcome, and we don’t give ourselves enough time to match our vision with what we want to produce. That takes time. It takes practice. It takes dedication. It takes failing more times than you think you can handle.

And if you are okay being a beginner forever – that is okay too. We all have choices to make which are our own. Owning our own agency and not letting others dictate our passions and how or what we achieve is important.

There is a little journey inside each of us. Sometimes that journey calls to be more than a “little” journey. When thinking or whether or not we should bother or perhaps the vision seems insurmountable, there is a simple quote that may put it all into perspective. That quote spoken by Theodore Roosevelt is: “All things worth doing are hard.” And they are.

From the beginning of your first day at school to riding your first bike, taking up your first instrument, and day one of your new career. We all began as a beginner. Time, effort, and patience carried you forward then and will continue to do so now. So I say, jump in and let go. Let the first wave you ride be your own and I assure you it will carry you somewhere remarkable and unexpected. At the end of this ride, maybe the next beginner is someone you can help carry through their own little journey. Perhaps it is your story alone, but this is page one. Tomorrow, turn the page.


The beginner’s humility and openness lead to exploration. Exploration leads to accomplishment. All of it begins at the beginning, with the first small and scary step. Julia Cameron

If you are struggling, please check out this video by Ira Glass. It is wonderful, supportive, and makes so much sense! Plus it is filled with understanding and motivation.

Keep on making the “things”…. you will not always be a beginner – if you keep trying.

Also, if you are feeling low might I suggest watching this video I made “It’s Okay To Feel Like Giving Up, But I Believe In You“.

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