Witch's Oracle


Explore an innovative 45-card oracle deck looking into the world of the wise women, the healers, the seers…the Witch! With stunning artwork and insightful messages, this Pagan deck includes an easy-to-read guide with straight-forward, gentle guidance that takes readers through both good times and bad by viewing the “big picture” to find appropriate outcomes. The symbolism and messages remind us to embrace the positive, rather than dwell on the negative. Each card includes a magickal incantation that provides energy, reinforces the card’s meaning, and helps the message desired to be sent out into the universe. This deck can be used in conjunction with the Tarot or other oracles for clarification in readings when messages seem inconclusive or cryptic. A perfect divination deck for Witches and non-Pagans alike, it is for both seasoned readers and beginners.

Illustrations: 45 Art Cards
Companion Booklet: 112 Pages
Size: 3 1/4″ x 5 1/8″ x 1 1/2″
Binding: Boxed Set
Author: Marla Brooks, Illustrator: Aunia Kahn
Published By: Schiffer Publishing


  • As I opened the postal carton and looked at the box, it felt to me like Samhain. The box and the cards themselves are dark, velvety and deep, and reminded me of the richness of the traditional regalia witches wear on that sabbat. The red and black brocade card back becomes iridescent as the angle of light hitting it changes: quite stunning..... Read More

  • On receiving this deck, I was pleasantly surprised by the box as it is one of the nicest I've seen. I usually keep my decks in a silk pouch, but this box is lovely. The cards are size 3 x 4.5 inches and fit, with a book in a magnetic box. When the lid is open, there is a lovely ribbon supporting it. ..... Read More

  • I’m a big snob about Tarot paper. Thin, mushy cards make me angry. I was in love with the paper on The Witch’s Oracle as soon as I opened the deck. It’s sturdy and beautiful with a textured design that is just lovely. Schiffer Books is known for the beautiful and sturdy boxes that accompany their Tarot decks. Packaging might seem like a trivial thing to mention in a review, but when you own as many decks as I do, you begin to appreciate the solid boxes that can house decks for a long time. The Witch’s Oracle is no exception! I won’t need a silk bag for this one...... Read More