Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Unboxing & Swatching

The unboxing experience was truly delightful!

After exploring the world of watercolors with Prang’s affordable set to get a feel for the medium before committing to a more comprehensive collection, I was so impressed that I decided to invest in the Winsor & Newton Cotman 1/2  Pan Studio Watercolor Set with 45 beautiful colors. In this video, I had an absolute blast unveiling and unwrapping each of the 45 colors. Each pan came individually wrapped, creating the sensation of unwrapping 45 little presents.

I also do a review of the Cotman Compact Palette 14 pan set at the end of this blog.

Watercoloring on a budget?

Prang Watercolors proved to be surprisingly high-quality given their affordable price. The eye-catching image featured in this blog post was crafted using the Prang set, along with a touch of Caran d’Ache colored pencils.

They performed admirably, with the only minor drawback being the need to use a slightly larger amount of paint for vibrant pigmentation. However, considering the exceptionally reasonable price, this wasn’t a significant deterrent for me. I intend to continue using the Prang set for my creative enjoyment.

Moving to Student Grade Watercolor

Transitioning from Prang, which is considered a basic watercolor set, to a student-grade watercolor set was an incredibly enjoyable experience, and the difference in quality was striking. Cotman, the student-grade watercolor range from Winsor & Newton, surpassed my expectations. For those seeking even higher quality, Winsor & Newton offers the Artists’ Watercolour or the Professional Artists’ Watercolor, which are their professional-grade options.

The Benefits of Student Grade Over Basic Watercolor

Higher Quality: You’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in the quality of your artwork when using Cotman compared to basic watercolors like Prang. The colors are likely more vibrant, the pigmentation more intense, and the overall finish of your paintings more professional.

Versatility: Cotman provides you with a wider range of colors and options, allowing you to experiment and expand your creativity. The increased color variety enables you to achieve different effects and nuances in your artwork.

Ease of Use: The Cotman set is designed for students and artists alike, making it user-friendly. The colors likely blend more smoothly, making it easier to create the desired effects in your paintings.

Consistency: Cotman’s consistent quality across its range of colors ensures that you can rely on it for consistent results. This reliability can boost your confidence in your artwork.

Upgrade in Materials: Switching to Cotman represents an investment in your art supplies. This investment in higher-quality materials can be a motivating factor, as it reflects your commitment to improving your craft.

Professional Aspirations: Knowing that Winsor & Newton offers even higher-quality professional-grade watercolors like Artists’ Watercolour or Professional Artists’ Watercolor might inspire you to continue honing your skills with the goal of eventually working with these premium materials.

Swatch it out!

⊳ Download Winsor & Newton Cotman Blank Swatch Template


Cotman Compact Palette Review

In this video, I will share my thoughts and review of the extraordinarily convenient and adorable if I do say so myself of the Winsor and Newton Cotman 14 pan set.

At approximately 5 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long, this perfectly compact set expands fully open to about 10 inches long! In my opinion, a perfect amount of mixing space and even more perfect for experimenting with an unusual compact palette.

Join me in this video and perhaps you’ll give this compact set a try! I’ll explore more in-depth the colors in this set as I swatch through the 14 color palette that includes:


  • Lemon Yellow Hue
  • Cadmium Yellow Hue
  • Cadmium Red Hue
  • Cadmium Red Pale Hue
  • Alizarin Crimson Hue
  • Purple Lake 
  • Ultramarine
  • Cerulean Blue Hue
  • Viridian Hue
  • Sap Green
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Burnt Umber
  • Chinese White