Unrealistic Expectations Artists Put Upon Themselves

Anyone can make art, and anyone can be an artist – that is true, but not many understand the truth behind “being an artist”. The funny thing is that there is no “truth” to what an artist is, how they should act, dress, look, behave or experience life. Yet, there are unspoken rules and expectations that artists and creatives put upon themselves by their own expectations or by the ones society places upon them. This often leads artists to challenge feeling and unrealistic expectations of themselves.  It can also lead to asking questions like “Am I Good Enough To Be An Artist“? Below are some examples of common unrealistic expectations that artists put upon themselves.


  • Everything I create must be excellent.
  • Each piece of art I do should be better than the last.
  • If I don’t get likes and support on social media I am not good.
  • I don’t feel I am good enough to be an artist.
  • Expecting others to understand your art.
  • Having an unrealistic monetary expectation attached to your work.
  • I should be better at what I do and quicker than I am.
  • No one should leave hateful or critical comments on my work.


I want you to know in your heart, mind, body, and soul that there is no “one way” to be an artist and there is not one single variable to denotes success. Being a truly creative person is a process. It involves exploration, risks and just being you. We spend so much time in life wanting to attain the skills or status of others that we lose why we make things, to begin with. Every personal or societal expectation is obsolete if you wish to accept who you are and where you are right now. You are perfect in your creativity right now.


Do you have any unrealistic expectations that you up upon yourself? If so please share in the comments section below. Thanks!



⊳ The Human Evolution of Artistic Creativity

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