Tarot is Not a Trend

For the first time in 50 years we are witnessing a resurgence of interest in tarot, a dramatic increase of sale on AmazonEtsy,KickstarterEbay, etc. and newly designed and curated decks are sprouting up in a spring-like fashion, budding like untamed weeds everywhere from fertile soil to tiny remote cracks in building structures. That’s a good thing if you don’t have allergies. And if you do, you are on your own. The resurgence is primarily rooted in the growing spiritual awareness and openness to the various spiritual practices of the 21st Century based in the tough and troubling times of political and economic uncertainty, however, it can also be categorized under the umbrella of – fad. Similar to that of hot pink jelly shoes, beehive hair or *Tom Selleck

No, I am not ashamed to say that in my younger less experienced 41 years on this planet I partook naively in fads like pegging my baggy, pleated, stone-washed 1994 style Levis – I wholeheartedly blame my parents. They could have said no – right?! No matter how delusional I was in thinking I looked “cool” in those ridiculous pants, they were a fad of my time and slowly faded into the background as most fads do and should. A sad little-known fact is, fads don’t all die easy and often return like the annoying solicitors at your front door (even with a no soliciting sign) and they are no better a second or third time around. As a fashion lover who craves over the top ridiculous clothing by designers like Alexander McQueenLouis VuittonJean Paul GaultierNick Cave (not the musician), even designers like Dior who recently created the ‘Tarot Card’ coat, have jumped on the fast-moving train to “fad land” to make tarot Vogue.

Tarot in association with the word “fad” rightfully bothers me, but that is what it has become as we look at current tarot statistics and data. Now, this might sound bitter or close-minded, yet I will assure you that I am not (today *wink*). I am absolutely elated in the various communities of spirituality, art, physiology, etc., that there is a growing interest in tarot and the wonderful decks that are being produced. With so many styles and options for decks, it is a dream for readers and collectors alike. Yet, the underbelly of this which jabs me in the right ribcage and makes me bleed a little is the lack of the true understanding for the tarots spiritual and occult foundation, the historical (Circa 1440) and iconographical importance, along with the deep wisdom of many masters who have left literature and legacies that were devoted to tarot.

Tarot is sacred, and it should be treated as such.

Tarot is filled with beautiful and enchanting imagery that pulls people into the stories of each card. Which makes it is easy for creative people to see a tarot card, look up a few definitions online and create their own interpretation. However, to give anyone card justice and to understand it’s sacred and mysterious iconography, symbolism and history, it is encouraged to hold, study, meditate, write about and learn daily about that tarot card for at least a month and often a couple of months. And for a generation driven by the “now factor” and things like Netflix and Chill, fast-food and IG, a month of studying could feel like a millennium. Even after years of study, there will always be more to learn, the depth of tarot is never-ending and rich. Avid and prolific readers of tarot don’t become prolific overnight – it takes many years and often decades to be attuned, centered and morally adjusted to adequately support, guide and hold the all-encompassing energy of a true and deep tarot reading.

Tarot is a sacred ritual.

As a tarot designer myself and part of projects that encompass trained professional and novices alike to create cards, I fully support anyone hearing a calling to create tarot cards. As a tarot reader/collector, tarot artist and art supporter I would never dissuade anyone from their journey that their creative expression takes them, however, I would like to encourage others to take more time with the tarot cards they are creating. Learn about the magical and mysterious iconography, symbolism and history along with the many masters of the trade. It is a lot more than just pretty art, it’s a way to connect our soul to another and has been passed down through centuries as a very important part of our history.

Tarot is a journey, it is sacred, and it is energy that is alive and karmic.

Aunia Kahn,
You’re respected tarot designer, lover, collector
and supporter who does not wear mom jeans.

Designed and Curated the Following Decks: (Links go to my artist website) Silver Era Tarot, Inspirations for Survivors OracleWitch’s OracleLowbrow TarotTarot Under Oath and the forthcoming Ethereal Realms Tarot. Model for Corneal Edema Tarot, 2003.

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