Tarot Card of the Day: Queen of Cups

Today, with all the political and social upheaval, I asked for the cards to help guide the collective conscious and unconscious.

The “Queen of Cups” was pulled today as a reminder that we all have emotions no matter if we wish to run from them, deny them or ignore them. Emotions can be enormous, heavy and seem insurmountable. The “Queen of Cups” asks you to let those emotions be seen and heard without hurting others. Remember everyone has their very own emotions. These are based on life experiences, cultural influences, sex, gender, age, weather, health, life events, global location, an approximation to various stimuli and many more things too long to list for this post. ?

Emotions enrich passion, create change but also can cause chaos. Try to be open to other peoples emotions even if you don’t like them or understand them. We have to meet people where they are. We don’t have to agree or support other people’s world view, however, everyone has a right to their own emotions, opinion and life choices without judgment. Who are we to judge? Each of us is fallible, human and has free to live and make choices for our life that we feel is best for us.

Let us lead with love ? and support one another’s a journey, even if it is in stark contrast of your own.

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