Support for Artists During a pandemic

As part of a series of impromptu inspirational videos, I touch upon some of the very important and new changes in life as creatives during a pandemic. From being able to accept the challenges ahead to the ability to self-care and offer great compassion to others and ourselves in particular. As our days look different yet the same as we try to adapt to a new society where connecting to others is more important than ever, we have the opportunity to grow in new ways. It is my hope that through this impromptu series of videos that I can share just a little support, a voice to connect to, and a creative place to go for a little while. Just you and I together.

As we go through these times together, I also feel it is good to remember that we are experiencing different versions of ourselves. As mentioned in this video, let us try to have the acceptance to promote change and allow it to become a healing and productive part of our exploration as creatives. There is something powerful to accepting unconditionally where you are right now. With little mental notations like this, we can release the pressure, and free up room for creative expression again. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to have supporters like you. So please do remember to share what you do with your community and that we are indeed in this together.

Tools Used

Winsor and Newton Cotman WaterColour
⊳ Graph Gear 2000 Pencil .5
⊳ Canson Watercolor Plein Air Artboard
⊳ Meeden Porcelain Palette

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