Creativity is something guttural and primal. We are driven to create.

Creativity also encompasses a lot of things that people would not categorize as creativity. When you say the word “creative” most people think of things is painting, drawing, music, dance, etc. However, creativity can be found just about anywhere – in things like gardening, scientific experiments, automotive restoration, letter writing, reorganizing or redecorating, journaling, problem-solving, etc.

However, in this video, I will give you 5 creative projects to keep your mind busy during trouble times, but don’t let my suggestions limit you… do whatever makes you happy. Creativity is limitless – just like you.

Remember, in hard times we are often driven to create. A lot of art and what we call to as masterpieces today have been created during mass suffering. However, sometimes we also feel blocked, stress, and confused. And that is okay. In those moments of uncertainty, I hope these few examples can help you get started.

When starting a project, like the one I suggested or perhaps another one you had in mind. Sometimes we make beautiful things during hard times and sometimes not. Not everything is sunshine and unicorns, What you create does not need to express happiness or positivity, it can express the hard and truthful feelings of yourself and others. Creativity is the freedom to express anything (as long as we are not outright physically hurting another living being in the process).

I hope these suggestions helped you.

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