Stop Being A Perfectionist. You Are NOT a Machine!

Written by auniakahn

Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur and a globally awarded, collected, and exhibited figurative artist/photographer, graphic/web designer at Auxilium Haus Design, a podcast host at the Create & Inspire Podcast/AuxiliumHaus Podcast, a published author, as well as a teacher and an inspirational speaker.

November 13, 2020

You are a human being, not a machine. We all want to do great things in life, but being a perfectionist can hamper that. When we waste too much time on feeling like “we” or our are “creations” need to be perfect, we miss the beautiful opportunity of connecting with raw, vulnerable, imperfect, curious, and explorative experiences. Looking forward to helping you move away from a perfectionist attitude and help you gain a more open mind about your creative world.

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