Do you Hate your Art? Set it on fire.

Written by auniakahn

Aunia Kahn is a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur and a globally awarded, collected, and exhibited figurative artist/photographer, graphic/web designer at Auxilium Haus Design, a podcast host at the Create & Inspire Podcast/AuxiliumHaus Podcast, a published author, as well as a teacher and an inspirational speaker.

October 20, 2020


In this video, I show you my most recent artwork that I plan to use as kindling and what I do when I feel like an utter failure.

After 15 years in the business, I am acutely familiar with the feeling of creating something I want to light on fire – to say it mildly. Somehow the idea sounds liberating and freeing. However, no matter if you burn it or it ends up in a dark corner under a pile of dirty laundry, you can’t get it out of your head that you suck, your work sucks, and you are not growing. You must be failing.

We have all been there, and I still visit those sentiments regularly. Even those that are accomplished or even famous in the world of art (or anything really), still have piles of crap work that no one sees.

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