Obvious Remote Chaos

This book is out of print.

Size: 7″ x 9″ + Signed By Artist
Pages: 128 pages

Life seems unreal and lost to what truth knows. While peering out our window of preference, typically our visions show time passing by with a quick swift force bringing the world’s uncontrolled happenings full-frontal, and yet most don’t realize they are part of this constantly unfolding remarkable show. Participation is chosen, but the greater part of the population stands on the sidelines dreaming or sleeping their show away. Parts of life, people and places eventually go missing, and the feeling of abandonment of life takes over the original idea to participate. With key players now removed, their world gently fades into the shadows, and the window fogs preventing new visions or hopes. Looking back a few years my world was severely misplaced and intentionally out of focus. The fog was so thick that trying to look through the window me brought constant headaches, and any visions I was lucky enough to receive did nothing but rest poorly in my psyche. Sometimes those unforgettable thoughts can bring about some overpowering means to creativity, so I give you this book.


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