Isadora the Owl

Name: Isadora
6″ x 3″
Type: OOAK (One Of A Kind) Art Doll
Materials: Handmade and found materials

**This Art Doll is handmade and please note that she is not a toy.

Isadora’s Story: Isadora the Barn Owl, adores adorning herself in vintage attire and perusing the quaint vintage boutiques scattered throughout her charming hometown of Owlille. Amidst the tranquil embrace of the forest, she immerses herself in the pages of books, finding solace and joy in the timeless tales they hold. Alongside her fellow woodland companions, Vanessa cherishes moments spent in the company of her beloved animal friends, forming bonds as enduring as the ancient trees that shelter them.

Packaging: Every art doll comes with a little certificate that has their name and story. The art doll with be packaged gently and with care so that doll can arrive safely at your home.

Shipping: All original artwork over $150 is insured with a delivery signature required to keep the work safe. If what you are purchasing is under $150 and you would like your items to be insured or have delivery confirmation. Please reach out.


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