An Epidemic of Retrospective

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Hardcover Art Book
7″ x 10″ + Signed By Artist
Pages: 90 Page
Images: 80 Full-Color Images

An Epidemic of Retrospective is a compilation of writings and artwork collected from individuals sharing their experiences and what they have learned from the very beginning until now on their journey as an artist.

Letter from The Curator
“An Epidemic of Retrospective: Words That Change Us” is an art and writing book project I was honored to curate a few years back, however, it was never completed. The time never seemed quite right. As I sit here today in 2020, with everyone’s life transpiring in a state of flux and uncertainty, this book project beckoned to me for completion. The poignant words crafted by artists to their younger selves, their beautifully featured artwork, and the book title which ironically was assigned to the book back in 2015; seemed urgent and relevant. I am overjoyed to share this collection of writings and artwork – even as time has passed since the original incantation of this project, the collection seems timeless.


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