Screw Minimalism, Give me a Home Sprinkled in Organized Chaos and Soul

If you have not noticed, America is obsessed with Marie Kondo; a Japanese author who wrote the book “Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up”. Thrift stores such as St Vinnie’s, Goodwill and other independent stores are being met with car loads of items being donated at accelerated rates. Organization and minimalism are currently a style trend.

Don’t get me wrong, I love organization and I proudly admit that I am that type of person that color codes my closet, has organized her library of books by subject followed by author and if you ask me what is in any cupboard or drawer in my house I can give you a detailed description as good as mixing the game Memory meets Tetris. “It’s in the 4th drawer down, next to the hammer on the right side – near the top”. Yes, I am a freak like that.

And in saying that, one might think that Marie Kondo would be right up my alley due to being so organized, however my organization is really organized chaos. I am pretty sure after researching what Marie does and what she stands for – she would faint the second she opened my front door.

Her tagline is “What sparks joy?” and my answer is pretty much everything in my house. Perhaps my joy meter is out of whack, but who would complain about that? Now let me make this clear – I am not a hoarder. Like I said above, it is organized chaos. I like stuff, lots of stuff and what sparks joy for me is copious amounts of handmade creative genius in which I can get lost in like a forest for days. The stories, the characters, the energies in which bring life to my house. My house is not just a dwelling keeping me protected by outside elements, it’s a world in which I create and live in.

My house is inundated with the artistic creations of people I know, people I don’t know, art that has been rescued from thrift stores, etc. Every bit of wall space is covered as well as shelves and bookcases filled with nonsensical creations layers deep. It has weird pieces of random furniture that I pulled out of the trash and refinished. I have artwork from a 12-year-old girl from Russia and old dusty books because I fell in love with the covers and thought about turning them into journals.

And most people would find nothing in my house of real value on the big open market. No gold, diamonds or expensive jewelry, no big screen TV or expensive electronics or any high priced tickets live in my home of organized chaos, however, the value of the thing in my home is of deepest soul value that is far beyond the mighty dollar.

Minimalism is boring but I like it and sometimes times I crave it. Sometimes I get this overwhelming urge to rip all the items off my walls and shelves so they would be white and empty, but in the end, it only echoes emptiness and calls to me to put the souls back where they belong. I have done this dance a few times and, in the end, the organized chaos wins by a landslide.

With Light,

  • SadBetty

    November 30, 2019at7:58 am Reply

    I feel the same. Can’t help but admire Marie Kondo and how she sorts her possessions, but I’d be entirely at a loss if someone asked me to get rid of all the mess I’ve accumulated over the years. I love my chaos, wouldn’t be parted from it.

    • Aunia M. Kahn

      December 3, 2019at12:54 am Reply

      I totally agree!

  • Linda Smith

    December 14, 2019at3:57 pm Reply

    OMG! You decribed me perfectly! Art to the ceiling!! Great article! Blessings on your day Aunia! <3

    • Aunia M. Kahn

      December 16, 2019at5:52 pm Reply

      Yes, I love that you share that with me 😀 It’s such a good feeling to be surrounded by art and creativity!

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