A decade-long collaboration between Aunia Kahn and Michel de Vena.

If we were to truly ask ourselves where we could truly be lost and found as creatives, as human beings; I believe the most honest answer would be that which we dream and imagine, that which is sacred and cathartic in the imagination. – Sacred Fauna


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The Birth of Sacred Fauna

Sacred Fauna began as the collaborative artwork of artists Aunia Kahn and M de Vena. What emerged from dreams and storytelling into a world of 2D and 3D art became the world of Sacred Fauna.

In this mad and ever-changing world we frequently encounter very curious and fascinating living beings that we co-mingle with. Some we know we are actively co-mingling with and others are taking shape in our periphery – but we know that their energy affects our lives as we travel through adventures and experiences.

However, we feel it is timely and urgent to introduce you to a very unique kind of spirit that we hope you have or will encounter one day. These spirits are human-folk who have been guided to protect the things they love, those that are vulnerable/marginalized, and those that for some reason or another need looking after.

On this journey and in this artwork you will meet your very first human-folk which we jubilantly call a “Safekeeper”. These “Safekeepers” are part of a larger collective of dedicated guardians which are called the “Safekeepers of The World of Sacred Fauna”.

This is an excerpt from something very special that is coming soon…… are you a “Safekeeper”?


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