Rescued Art 20: Emilie-Touraine “Dino”

Artist: Emilie Touraine
Title: Dino
Size: 3″ x 5″, Framed: 6″ x 7″
Date: 1966
Medium: Oil on Panel

What We Learned
New Mexican Artist Emilie Touraine was born in 1939. This wonderful painting strays away from her more traditional Southwestern painting style. “Dino” was painted in 1969 and Emilie Touraine was also a brief girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix.

(Born 1939) The daughter of Pierre Touraine, a Scottsdale jeweler who fashioned highly ornate pieces that I remember 40 years ago. Emilie was known for depicting horses, burros, owls, old farm buildings, ranch gates and rural mail boxes.

Some of Touraine’s western works have been reproduced on greeting cars by Leanin’ Tree Publishing Company out of Boulder, Colorado. Paintings of hers are included in the following collections: Christlieb Foundation, Great Plains Art Collection, Center of the Great Plains and at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In 1974 Touraine won Best in Show and Directors’ Award at the Pacific Northwest Indian Center Show and Auction. in Spokane, Washington. Her exhibitions include a 1973 solo exhibition at the Montana Historical Society in Helena and in the U.S. Pavilion at Expo ’74 in Spokane.

She lived and worked as a painter in Scottsdale for twenty years, later moving to New Mexico. According to a friend, Emilie once owned an Arabian horse that she entered in horse shows at Cal Polly sponsored by the Arabian Horse Association on the university campus.

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