Drawing Basics for New, Beginner or Aspiring Artists

+ Video 1 ‘Tools’: We go over the basics tool used to create a drawing. We will explore various types of pencils, erasers, paper, and more!
+ Video 2 ‘Values’: We go in-depth about the importance of expanding your values and how to use values to create light and shadow.
+ Video 3 ‘Texture’: We explore how to use different pencils, erasers, and other items to create textures.
+ Video 4 ‘Blending: Blending is one of the toughest things to think with graphite. In this video, we talk about how to blend well using various tools and techniques that will provide the best effect for your drawing needs.
+ Video 5 ‘Lines & Shapes: In this video, we explore lines and shapes and how we can best use them in our drawings techniques.
+ (2) 15 Min: One-On-One Conustations / Critiques / Support (Zoom, Phone, Etc.)