As a professional artist since 2005, I could not touch “real/tactile” mediums due to being severely allergic to the point of hospitalization. Recently receiving a diagnosis and treatment has given me the ability to use colored pencils/watercolor without incident! The portrait Project was created because it feels like I am starting over – and I want other “real humans” to be a part of that story and healing. Learn more about the project or how to submit below.

The portrait projecty ran from 2020-2021.



Pay What You Can

All completed paintings will be mailed to participants selected as a donation. Participants can pay what feels right for their portrait when completed – or nothing at all. I am aware that numerous people are struggling and I don’t want money to stand in the way of bringing someone joy. Those that enjoy/support the project can also donate. Your donations keep the portrait project growing.

100% of funds received go towards the hours spent on each portrait, fine art paper, quality paints, shipping cost as well as time invested in organizing and communicating with those submitting as well as video production releasing each portrait. This helps bring the participant’s personal stories to life and deliver the finished portrait to their families.

How Are Subjects Chosen?

Subjects are chosen by random and by what feels right. Please don’t donate for bribery or send me messages begging me. This is a soulful project that is done with heart and with a random selection process. The intent of the project was to bring to life people like you and me who may never have imagined themselves brought to life in a portrait or felt they deserved to be. However, we all deserve to be seen, noticed, acknowledged, and shown for our own individual struggles and triumphs. It has been my hope that this project can convey this message, one person, at a time.

How Do I Submit?

Fill out the form below and email me few images at auniakahn@icloud.com

Do You Do Comissions?

Yes, and information about the commission can be found here.