New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

New Moon ? Solar ☀️ Eclipse In ♋️ Cancer at 10 Degrees. This is a really remarkable time for many but those especially who are Cancer or Cancer Rising. It’s Eclipse Season – time to cut away, break away and release what does not serve you. With this being in Cancer, take a look at what emotionally does not serve you or where you are emotionally empty.

Cancer is all about our home. What do we call home? Is it a building like a house, a feeling, carried on your back like a snail or even how you feel about nature? It’s time to really focus on what home means to you. Perhaps home has always felt good and perhaps it’s been a rough space in your heart. If home is a touchy subject this eclipse season would be a good time to reevaluate what that means to you and how to own the feeling of “home” for yourself.

Some abrupt changes have taken place for many. A quick change in direction/feeling and ending sparked beginning. Something big is afoot for many. You may feel uprooted. You can’t look away or miss it. It’s too big to avoid. However, in the long run, it’s for the better of all.

Mercury Retrograde (July 7th, 2019) is around the corner. We are currently experiencing retro shade and numerous other planets in retrograde as well. The cosmos is being shaken up so hang on and keep grounded.

⭐️Reevaluate what “home” means to you.
⭐️Address any negative past home or family issues you might still hold onto.
⭐️Take good care of yourself and your needs.
⭐️Be kind to yourself an others.
⭐️Ask yourself, if your emotional needs are being met. If not, find ways to address that.
⭐️ Breathe. It doesn’t matter what the planets are doing or other people around you, you always have the ability to choose how you react. ?

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