Mercury Retrograde

It’s officially #mercuryretrograde at 29 degrees of #Pisces . Mercury Retrograde is often frowned upon, however, I see it as an auspicious time for to review, renew, refocus, reset – a necessary time for recalibration.

If always in forward movement, how are we able to reflect on our lives in a genuine way? When do we have the time and space to look at our path’s alignment so that we may check in on our direction, purpose and goals? Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time! ?

Pausing is advantageous for growth and reflection and helps us to get back on the road of forward movement in the best place possible to have a successful journey for our authentic self.

Use this time to revisit things, review your feeling and goals, check in emotionally and spiritually with yourself and learn to pause. It’s the space between the notes music ? that creates the song – otherwise, it would be one really long note. ?

Mercury goes direct March 28, 2018, 7:59 AM (PDT)

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