A Manifestation Box (“wish box” or “intention box”) can be a powerful tool in helping you bring into existence the very thing you want to manifest. This box is a sacred box, usually chosen for a very specific purpose and once manifested put away as a keepsake. Some people make one box their whole lifetime, others make a small handful and others create 100+. They are a treasure to keep for a lifetime signifying the growth towards a certain goal, moment, item, person or life intention.


In this offering, I will help you create your own Manifestation Box and walk you through the steps and provide ideas for objects, writings and other magical things to place inside. Sigils can go hand in hand with Manifestation boxes, as well as crystals, tarot, handwritten items, keepsakes, photographs etc.

Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Manifestation Boxes have been around for centuries, but, the modern day version focuses on compiling various topics, items, ideas, relationships, etc. into one box – similar to that of a vision board but in a box. This style puts too much attention on too many things at one time and creates scattered energy without a clear and direct focus. Plus, it often does not yield the results as fast or as fine-tuned as one might like. Furthermore, each box should be a direct reflection of that dream, feeling or focus which would be hard to find if the box focused on too many things.


Remember when choosing a box and a focus, no matter how much you want something you have to be aligned with the universe so that the manifested energy is not only benefitting you, but it is good for all. The old adage of “Do No Harm” applies here. Magic can, in fact, happen when the focus is with good intention and with awareness of how it will not only affect you but those around you.