Lowbrow Tarot Project


There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, each showing some aspect of the human experience. These cards are focused on the material world, the intuitive mind, and change. Renowned Tarot artist, Aunia Kahn and author Russell J. Moon, showcase 23 Lowbrow Tarot artists who used their creative genius and unique styles to produce a 22-card Major Arcana Tarot deck in the rugged glow of the Lowbrow Art movement. These new and original works have been fashioned by accomplished artists: Carrie Ann Baade, Christopher Ulrich, Edith Lebeau, Cate Rangel, Kris Kuksi, Chris Mars, Christopher Umana, Christopher Conn Askew, Brian M. Viveros, Claudia Drake, Heather Watts, Molly Crabapple, David Stoupakis, Laurie Lipton, Patrick Star 27 Deignan, Chet Zar, Jessica Joslin, Danni Shinya Luo, Jennybird Alcantara, Angie Mason, Scott G. Brooks, Aunia Kahn, and Daniel Martin Diaz. Hold the entire exhibition in your hand, owning every piece of the Lowbrow Tarot Project.

ISBN: 9780764342332
Illustrations: 314 color & b/w images
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Pages: 144
Binding: Hard Cover
Published By: Schiffer Publishing

Size:3 1/4″ x 5 1/4″
Illustrations: 22 art cards
Companion Book: 56p
Binding: Box Set


  • This is the best oracle deck I've come across on the market to pull a final advice card at the end of a reading. They are always relevant to the reading, and help to end the session on a positive note. I think this deck will appeal to those who want an inspirational message without the fluffy unicorns or angels present. Here are a few examples of these wonderful cards..... Read More

  • I love the cards featuring nature and moss-covered ruins of old buildings. Sepia colored old suitcases and stormy skies above an old stone wall. Gorgeous photography of the lovely Aunia Kahn. The vintage feel of an old clock. The cards in this deck really reach out and make you feel something. They are very emotive...... Read More

  • Inspirations for Survivors” is a lovely deck of photographic collage, deep and somewhat moody, but it reflects the mindset of someone who has survived a great deal or is facing a current crisis. Gentle and encouraging guidance is provided in the accompanying guidebook and I feel that many people will find this deck to be useful as it offers solace to all of us who have experienced hard times.

    ..... Read More