Judging Others And Their Precautionary Measures Amid A Pandemic Is Dangerous

Exciting or Monotonous. Good Choice or Bad Choice. Moral or Immoral. Saint or Sinner. Simple or Complex.

Do you make judgments? We all do. It’s human nature to make judgments about people, our environment and situations that prance into our life experiences, often uninvited. Why is it human nature to do so? Because at times, judgment is a valuable tool in keeping us alive, staying safe and frankly, it helps us navigate through life. However, as we get older, acquire more knowledge and gain wisdom we start understanding that ‘discernment’ does less damage and is better for the wellbeing of ourselves and others, than ‘judgment’. Since these two words often seem interchangeable, let’s ‘discern’ the differences, without ‘judgment’.

See what I did there? ?

Judgment Example: Look at that guy’s stupid outfit, he
looks like a loser. Who dresses like that?

Discernment Example: It’s raining, it might not be the
best time to take the dog for a walk. It’s cold and wet.

So you ask: What does this have to do with what seems to be a growing concern for a global pandemic? Well, a lot and more than I would like to have to be talking about, to be frank. But, for the sake of the critically ill, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, those with medical phobias from severe illnesses, those with crippling anxiety and panic attacks and those with PTSD (or CPSD), etc. I feel it is important to address this matter.

As a person suffering from not only an incurable illness that is dangerous and unpredictable, as well as an anxiety disorder I felt driven to share this story knowing that others in the categories of the previous paragraph might feel similarly. This article was inspired by the astounding amount of nasty glances at the grocery store today because I was wearing a medical mask (see mask below). These offended individuals, I can only assume were making judgments since this is the first time in all the years of wearing these masks (no pandemic looming) have I experienced such hostility. It’s quite obvious that they have zero understanding that this mask is part of my typical everyday wardrobe and medical arsenal when entering certain environments for my safety and is not driven by pandemic alarmists. I mean for fuck’s sake it is purple and has roses on it. And furthermore, fuck your judgment.

Chronic illness and other serious issues pull at the hems of people’s lives daily, pulling at them from morning until night. There are beautifully broken and valuable people that live in a constant state of stress, dodging minefields that supersede exhaustion before adding some spicy extra, like a pandemic.

We already have to take precautions daily that other people are now only considering due to this outbreak. We already wear masks, count medications, get extra food in case we have a sick day/week/month/year, stick away from large crowds and at times feel isolated. We have a constant and intrusive hum of complicated nonsense in our ears before there are any pandemics, divorces, deaths, job issues, weather disasters and things that others might judge *wink* as no big deal, but can be more dangerous to us than the general population. It can seem overwhelming. And it is. Rightfully so.

It’s better to be safe than sorry – no apologies, and it is better to let people live without judgment. It would be nice to live in a society where people were not so judgmental when having no understanding of what is going on in another person’s life and why they do what they do. Perhaps learning how to discern over judge could bring more peace to our everyday. And, who are we to judge what another person is or is not doing? If no one is hurting anyone, let it be. Don’t we have better things to do that to be obsessed with the lives of others?

If not. You might want to rethink your life.

Let’s try to be kind – fuckers. <3

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