It’s Okay To Feel Like Giving Up… But, I Believe In You

I dedicate this video to anyone struggling. Originally I created this video with creative people in mind, yet, I feel anyone watching this can gain value because it is such a broad topic.

We have all wanted to give up at some point or another. When the going gets tough, it hard not to throw in the towel. Have you asked yourself, “Is this even worth it?” In this video, we discuss this complicated feeling and I share a few stories of successful people that we rejected time and time again who made huge impacts on the world. We also all touch on the idea that it is okay to give up, change your direction, and change your mind.

I  put a link to the Create & Inspire Podcast Episode 10 “Why To Never Give Up On Your Dreams“, where I talk about similar things and share similar stories, but it never hurts to hear it again.

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