How To Gain A Social Media Following

So many people, especially artists struggle with gaining a following on Social Media. Algorithms aside, there are so many do’s and don’t as well as so many social media platforms to choose from.

How do you stay on top?
Post the right content?
Get people interested?

In this video, I offer some advice on this matter. My social numbers (Facebook: 350K, TikTok: 73K, Instagram: 28K – Just Started in YouTube) are a reflection of the work I have put in to create good quality content and engage with my followers. The number I share below is some social proof that what I do has worked for me and can work for sure. Sure, we all are offering different things, and different things work for different people but there are some tried and true ways that can help support you on every platform.

Quality Over Quantity
Community Engagement
Offer Something Valuable

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