Happy New Year 2019! Tarot: The Fool + Why I Don’t Believe in New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019! It is amazing that we are one year away from 2020. When I was younger the idea of 2020 seemed too futuristic and I thought we would be living in the world of the Jetsons!

With tarot, The Fool card comes to mind when thinking about the start of a cycle, and a New Year is very much a cycle in which we start. We have accomplished The World and are ready to embark on new adventures!

So many people feel refreshed and want to start New Year’s Resolutions! How Stuff Works has an article entitled “10 New Years Resolution You Might Actually Keep“. I am personally not one for New Year’s Resolutions, as much as I am not for Valentines Day. Holidays that dedicated a specific moment to show love, honor achievement or appreciation of a human being is beautiful, however, why do we need “1 day”. Should it not be every day?

All year I ignored my partner and worked too much, yet coming this February 14th I am going to take him on a vacation and make it up to him”

If you need a reminder to cherish the one you love, to take care of yourself and set goals, might I suggest not using a Holiday to do so? There are studies to prove that Holidays builds too much pressure to perform and are riddled with unrealistic expectations of self and others.

Who wants to let anyone down, especially yourself?

Would it not be magical to think of every day as a day to Start New, to Love Harder and to Appreciate More? Resolve to dedicate your time to yourself and others, not just one time of year! Your (+ everyone else’s) worth every day, min and second of your waking breath to live to your fullest potential that feels right for you!

Happy New Year! – A

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