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The Love of Antiquing for Frames

For as long as I can remember, I have been an artist at heart, pouring my emotions, experiences, and dreams onto canvas. Just as much as I love the process of creating, I’ve always found joy in the hunt for the perfect frame to encase my work. This isn’t just about presentation; it’s about finding a piece of history to envelop the present.

In high school, I started my journey into second-hand shopping. It was a time when thrifting wasn’t as cool or mainstream as it is today. Many didn’t understand my fascination, but for me, it was always more than just buying old stuff. Every item held a story, every shop was a repository of history, and every purchase was like adopting a piece of the past into my present.

My love for antiquing grew alongside my passion for art. To me, art isn’t just what’s inside the frame but also the frame itself. The frame can say so much about the art it contains, complementing its colors, mood, and overall aesthetic.

Join me on the journey on the video below!

L.A. Junk Antiques, Boise, Idaho

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting LA Junk Antiques in Boise, Idaho. The name is quirky and fun. The shop is a veritable treasure trove for enthusiasts like me. With both indoor and outdoor displays, every corner of LA Junk Antiques promises something unique, from trinkets of yesteryears to pieces that make your heart sing.

On this particular trip, I was on the hunt for frames for an upcoming exhibition.

As I browsed the extensive selection, each frame whispered tales of its own. Some were ornate, suggesting an era of grandeur. Others were simpler, hinting at a minimalist past.

Vintage Marionette & Ceramic Animal Plant Pots

In addition to the frames, one item caught my attention and refused to let go – a beautifully crafted marionette. Delicate and intricate, the marionette was a testament to the craftsmanship of a time gone by.

How could I resist? The marionette was not just an antique; it was a piece of art. For those who haven’t visited, LA Junk Antiques is situated in Boise, and it’s a must-visit.

In the end, being an artist isn’t just about creating art but about recognizing and appreciating it in various forms – be it a painting, a frame, or a marionette from a bygone era. So, here’s to the art of thrifting, to the stories that old items tell, and to the joy of discovering and cherishing them.

Wonderful new framed fit tnew artwork
“The Secrets We Tell Are Crafted By Spells” for the Bewitching
exhibition at Stranger Factory Gallery.

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