Flower, Blue & Full Moon in Scorpio – May 18, 2019

Happy Full (Flower, Blue) Moon in Scorpio. This full moon is creating a buzz and there are some really big changes afoot. The focus on how you are feeling with where you are on your journey has become apparent over the last few months and you have been feeling the undercurrent of change, a shift or a leap of faith bubbling up to the surface. With this Full Moon in Scorpio you can’t ignore it anymore. This is your window of divine opportunity to go after what you want – no matter if you are terrified – do it anyway!

As we all know Scorpio is a great signifier of the hidden, sacred mysteries, secrets, and it’s also passionate, powerful and willing to take a risk. Scorpio speaks of the things we deeply desire and whispers them into our dreams for us to find and help materialize in the physical world. There are uncomfortable things rising to the surface that we don’t feel ready for, but this Full Moon says, “You Are Ready”. If you avoid retreating away from the lack of comfort that is arising for you and face what is coming up for you, this will help you gain some of the knowledge you need to get to the next level.

“Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you’re doing something that others were unlikely to do, because they’re hiding out in the comfortable zone.” — Seth Godin

With Mars moving into (its fall sign) Cancer, not its favorite place to be (too many feelings!), this will highlight the comfortability we were talking about earlier. Mars is very active and masculine energy and Cancer is receptive famine energy which is very opposite energies. This is not about genders (male/female), it is specifically about the duality of energies that reside in each of us – the Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine and encourages us to be willing to find beauty in both. This movement will also be in your 4th house, which the house of family, relational bonds, our deepest emotional core, our roots, and Cancer feels right at home in that Astrological house, even is Mars is feeling a little uncomfortable  – as yourself you deepest needs, desires and what is calling to you – much like that of the Scorpio Full Moon.

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus (first time in 81 years, last time 1938), and this will not happen again until 2020, which means these effects will last a really long time, if not permanently. Venus calls to us to look at our relationships, especially since she is on her natural home of Taurus, however with Pluto being the planet of sudden and often abrupt change this can take a toll of relationships. You might be noticing that you don’t have tolerance anymore for certain things and are finding it easier to turn around and walk away cutting ties in places in your life that best suit your current needs. In contrary, you might also be finding that you are connecting more with certain people or even bringing new people into your life that fit your new and growing direction. You tribe is looking for you and wants to you just as bad as them. Lastly, people could also walk away from you or want to gravitate to you in the same way. Try not to be too hard on yourself as you watch things fall away. They are not for you. Focus on those sticking around, holding space and loving you for who you are – right now.

It’s time to get moving, be connected, disconnect from things that don’t serve you, don’t let fear get in the way and be moved by the glorious world around you.

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