Drawing Tips: Reference Images, Grids + More

Can you guess who? ūü§©‚ėĒÔłŹūüíú


Printing Reference Image/Make Grid: When creating a commission drawing, sometimes I print out the original. When printing, I print in draft mode to avoid using a lot of ink. As most people know, Ink is very expensive! Then I make a grid on the printed image to get the right proportions.

View Reference on Digital Screen: I also use my iPad or Laptop to view the detailed image for reference because the print out is often faded and does not show much detail. Looking at a computer or digital screen helps point out all the dark and light areas as well as the tiny details lost with most standard printers.

Turn Reference Image Black/White:¬†Also, when working in graphite or charcoal, I turn the printed and digital screen reference image black and white (if it is color) so that I can see the values a lot better. It is harder to draw in graphite/charcoal from a color image. Of course, it can be done, but why make it hard on yourself ūüėõ

Build Up Lightly: I start in very lightly and build up. I try to make sure not to use lines, but soft edges when I draw. This helps things look less cartoonish and flat.

*Remember, draw what you see not what you think you see. Learning to ignore what your mind tells you you’re seeing and just see things as they are. I will be going more in-depth to this later on…. stay tuned!

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