Does Learning Tarot Feel Overwhelming? Maybe this Can Help!

It’s nice to see you here. Thank you for stumbling upon our blog. This article was written in an effort to ease the fear and overwhelm of novices and current students of the tarot. Before we jump in, I would like to point out that the most important takeaway from this article, if you get nothing else is; professional readers and scholars of tarot do not know everything and are always learning and they were once novices. Always remember that.

Tarot’s history dates back to around 1440 and during the years between then and now, tarot has been visited by thousands of people as readers, scholars, teachers/masters, artists/designers and collectors; all of which have had their own perceptions, projection and interpretations of the cards, their history and how the cards should be used. Tarot students can extract information from various sources due to the vastness of resources offered in the world of tarot cross-culturally as well as gather added value by discovering the intriguing intermingling tarot has with various other modalities like astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, etc. Knowing this places an understanding of why new learners of the tarot can easily become confused and overloaded with so many options. It’s good to note that if a person lived hundreds of years just studying tarot daily, they would just skim the surface of all the information there is to absorb.


Not only are there copious amounts of past and current resources to digest, tarot is evolving daily with new people, books and alternative resources to also consume. This makes tarot evolutionary and rooted in a constant state of metamorphosis, leaving the learner to always have innovative and stimulating resources to explore and consume. Of course, it is always important to learn the origins of things important to you, but it is just as significant to keep exploring newfangled ideas, people and resources. The archaic and modern approaches to tarot both have value and when explored can aid students in attaining a broader knowledge of tarot.

Since tarot is ever evolving and not static like the mathematical understanding that 1+1=2, or that we all experience gravity on planet earth, this means that there is not one way to read, interpret or understand the tarot. No one way is better than another. Which is exciting to think about all the possibilities as you head along on this journey to understand the tarot. There is plenty of creative freedom on how you approach your learning process and style.

Furthermore, there are also unlimited types of decks and styles to choose from when learning, reading or collecting. This can also lead to overwhelm when learning. There are decks styled in the traditional and figurative Ryder-Wait-Smith and those fashion in the Tarot of Marseille style which is more pattern based. Each deck produced into this world has its own uniqueness and often times the style of a deck we learn from is the style of a deck we read from, but it’s advantageous and expansive to be able to read and explore varying tarot decks based on style, symbolism, the artists intention, intuition, etc. However, there is nothing wrong with learning and reading with one style deck. Reading tarot is all about what feels right to the reader, the reader must feel connected to the deck to read it well.

With all the wonderful people to learn from, I would like to caution that in your search for resources that if a professional tarot teacher/reader expresses ultimate knowledge or mastery of tarot without the openness to learn further, might I suggest you finding someone else to learn from. Masters know that to achieve true mastership in any arena of the world that they will always humbly be a “student” and can learn from anyone, even novices in the same or different fields of study. They are open. Masters never put down students or peers and step far away from egocentricities. Look for those willing to help you and the world around them, they are the true masters you want to connect with.

It is my hope that this article helped support and encourage your evolving relationship with tarot. Understand, if you want to learn tarot or become better at it, you can. A passion for anything fueled by the desire to be open and learn can help anyone achieve almost anything they put their mind to. Learning anything takes time, consistency and passion. If you have those – you got this! So, let’s change that overwhelming feeling to excitement over the endless knowledge one could find on the tarot and how a student could never get bored!

– Aunia

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