Daniel Smith 52 New Gouache Colors Announced

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So excting!

In November 2023, Daniel Smith, a brand synonymous with artistic excellence, will release a captivating addition to their gouache portfolio: 52 new shades that will complement their existing line of 22 gouache colors. The brand’s journey traces back to its roots in the world of watercolors, where they have consistently set the benchmark for quality and innovation.

Renowned for their superior watercolor range (they also recently put out some new watercolors), Daniel Smith has become a beacon for both budding artists and seasoned professionals, captivated by the brand’s commitment to authenticity and depth of color.

Daniel Smith Gouache (72 Colors)

The introduction of this expanded gouache palette marks yet another milestone in the brand’s storied history. Gouache, celebrated for its velvety matte finish and luminous hues, has been a favorite amongst artists for centuries.

Now, with a sweeping palette of 74 meticulously curated colors, Daniel Smith is poised to redefine gouache painting. Let’s embark on a journey, exploring the anticipated new shades and revisiting some of the standout hues from the current gouache lineup.

With this latest announcement, it’s clear that the future of color is luminous, and the legacy of Daniel Smith continues to inspire.

Daniel Smith History

Daniel Smith, Inc. has a storied history that is intimately tied to the evolution of art materials, particularly in the domain of watercolors. Founded in 1976 by its namesake, Daniel Smith, the company began not as a paint manufacturer but as a retailer of specialty art supplies in Seattle, Washington.

With a deep-rooted passion for art and a commitment to serving local artists, the company aimed to provide unique and hard-to-find art materials.

As the business grew, so did its ambitions. Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality, authentic, and vibrant watercolors, Daniel Smith ventured into manufacturing. By the mid-1980s, they had successfully launched their own line of watercolors which were met with immediate acclaim by the artist community.

What set them apart was their commitment to purity, quality, and vibrancy, along with the introduction of many unique pigments and colors not commonly found in the watercolor market.

Minerals & Rare Earth Elements

Another aspect of their success was the incorporation of minerals and rare earth elements into their paints, resulting in distinct and innovative colors. Their “PrimaTek” line, for instance, uses genuine mineral pigments to create unique and radiant shades.

Over the years, Daniel Smith’s dedication to producing top-notch art materials and their continuous engagement with the artist community have solidified their reputation globally. Their foray into other mediums, such as the gouache line expansion in 2023, is a testament to their evolution as a brand while upholding their original ethos of quality and authenticity.


Today, from their humble beginnings in Seattle, Daniel Smith has become a beacon for artists around the world, representing a confluence of tradition, innovation, and an undying passion for the world of color.


Also check out some of their newer watercolors that were added to their collection of 266 colors. I am in love with Jane’s Black B/O.

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