Creative Block Does Not Exist

In this video, we not only take a look into the effects of creative block for all creatives, but we examine how the concept of creative block can challenge the way we have seen it in ourselves as it manifests in different ways.

The interesting thing about creativity is how the act of creating makes us feel and how experiencing creative block can challenge the entire experience and process as well. Whether one believes such an experience is a myth, a result of exhaustion, hesitation, anxiety, or the most well-known culprit – fear; the psychological effects of such a block can feel very defeating.

This, I believe, is an opportunity to explore our artistic purpose more or perhaps how the idea of any kind of creative block is a detriment to get past. It is something we all face and can go through for a plethora of reasons through our creative processes in life.

In essence, something simple and important to remember no matter why a block may occur is that all creative block experiences are this:

“That moment in which you realize you should be creating but you are not.”

A few interesting suggested reads to help understand this subject a little more can be found through a few of these links as well as my previous video concerning rejection:


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