Creating Art Using An Inspiration Board

Inspiration can be executed in many ways. One of the ways I liked to get inspired for a new piece of artwork is to create an inspiration or mood board. This does not have to be limited to inspiration for just artwork, these boards can be used for home decor, journaling, story writing, film, music and more. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I felt sharing it would you might inspire you to give it a try if you have not before.

There are many ways to make an inspiration/mood board. You can do it digitally on Pinterest or Adobe Spark, but you can also do a physical one by cutting out magazine images or printing images online. You can use any image you find for this as long as you are not selling your ideas or calling the images your own. There is nothing wrong with having the inspiration to inspire your creative work.

If you are worried about getting in trouble for how you use an image, check out this post: How To Use A Reference Image & Make It Your Own

Above you can see my mood board with 5 images. You can use 2 images or you can use 500 images, there is not a formula – it is what feels right for you. I have used 2 images of women, one for her colorful outfit and the second for the anatomy of her face. The abstract painting is my own and the leaves and flowers are stock images. The idea is to find things that you love, put them together and then create something cohesive around those pieces.

In this, you can see I used the one woman’s face, the colors from the other image of the woman, pieces of abstraction from my abstract artwork, and shapes and colors from the leave and flowers. When looking at the final work you can see how how the inspiration/mood board inspired the work, but yet the work looks nothing like any of the images standing alone.

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