C&I 39: Create Your Own Arts Education

Create & Inspire Podcast Episode 39: Create Your Own Arts Education

Do you want to become a better artist but don’t know where to start. Have you thought about going to art school but don’t have the financial resources or time? If so this video, podcast (Other Create & Inspire Podcast Episodes), and blog post is for you!

Since I felt this topic was important and I want you to make the things you love and improve on your craft, I created this blog to showcase both the video episode and the podcast (both a little different but have the same information).


Resource Opportunities + VIDEO TIMESTAMPS

  1. (04:18) Educational BooksGood Reads Book List
  2. (05:08) YouTube Videos: Aunia’s Videos, General Learn To Paint Videos
  3. (05:48) Educational Website: Udemy, Domestika, Skillshare & MoMa
  4. (07:17) Artist Patreons: Aunia KahnLioshKaren MargulisTheLatestKate
  5. (08:17) Find a Mentor: Create & Inspire Episode 32 / Finding Mentorship
  6. (09:14) Facebook Groups
  7. (10:19) Local Opportunities (Example Local: LAC & Oregon Art Supply)
  8. (11:29) Critique Groups
  9. (12:45) Consistency + Showing Up

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln

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