Group Workshops

Private Classes

Online Courses

Online Classes

Below are a list of online classes that I offer. If you have any question, please connect.

Learn to Draw: Graphite

Drawing Basics for New, Beginner & Aspiring Artists

This beginners course is perfect for those just starting out drawing or returning to drawing. We touch on tools, values, texture, blending, lines & shapes. There are 5 videos, and 4 hours’ worth of content as well as a full start to finish drawing down step by step with the new knowledge that you gained. I also offer 2 (15 min) one-on-one sessions through the course as needed.

Price: $55

Private Classes

It is a joy to work one-on-one with students to achive their goals. Books a session below.

Personal Mentorship

One-On-One Classes for New, Beginner & Aspiring Artists

One-on-one classes provides my students the ability to work with me exclusively on the specific interest and/or goals of their choice. Our first session will focus on exploring the student’s needs and learning styles to see if we are a match. Following that, I provide a curriculum best suited for the student and their family. I prefer to book one on one classes in blocks of 4-8 sessions for the ability to build and grow upon each meeting, however, I am flexible to the needs of my students and can work with any class scheduling formula or budget.

⊳ 1 Hour Classes
⊳ 1 Class (Discounted Block Rate : 4 Classes / 8 Classes)
⊳ Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Options Offered
⊳ Supplies Supplied By Student/Parent

Currently, I have been meeting with students via Zoom and it has been very successful, but plan to resume in-person classes hopefully soon.

Free Videos

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Creative Coaching


Meet with me one-on-one over Zoom, the phone, email, etc. to discuss your needs. If you choose to work one-on-one we will work on the goals and dreams that you want to achieve. We can meet over Zoom, the phone, email, etc. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Below is a list of things that I can support you with


Are you struggling with working in your medium of choice. I have a background in digital panting, graphite, and colored pencils and can help guide you with tips, tricks, and critique support to help you improve your art. I also offer Free Resources.


Looking to publish a book or other project and don’t know where to start? As a published author with 3 publishing houses as well as having a few projects self-published by choice and interest in having more creative control. I have a background in various types of publishing I can help guide you on your publishing needs. I am also a book cover designer as well as I have helped guide people in how to submit proposals to publishing houses to secure book deals.


As a graphic and web designer for 20 years and the owner of Auxilium Haus Design, I have the background to help give you direction on how to better support yourselves in the technical aspects of your life. I can share with you the best platforms, what is most cost-effective and easiest to use.


Have you dreamt of having a supportive network of followers and supporters? With 340 K Followers on FB,  27K on Instagram and 34K on TikTok I can give you tips and tricks to bring your social connection to the next level! As well as with a mailing list of over 2500 clients, I can help you step up your game with email marketing.


Need help with audio, video, photography, or other equipment setup or questions? With running two Podcasts (Create & Inspire Podcast) & (Auxilium Haus Podcast) a YouTube Channel, and having a background in audio and video editing, as well as being an award-winning photographer I can help you with audio, visual and video needs or suggestion.


Do you want to show your art in galleries? As a gallerist for 5-years as well as an exhibiting artist nationally and internationally for 15 years, I can help guide you in the best practices to start your career as an exhibiting artist.