Color Studies Project

The period of quarantine proved to be a unique juncture, one in which many of us found ourselves feeling somewhat confined. For me, though, this experience wasn’t entirely unfamiliar. Having battled chronic illness for years prior to the COVID era, I had already become well-acquainted with the concept of being housebound. In fact, I saw it as an opportunity—a chance to embark on a creative journey unlike any other.

During this time, I embarked on an online project that not only served as a means of staying connected but also as a vibrant canvas for artistic expression. Together with fans, friends, and family, we decided to explore the fascinating world of colors, one shade at a time. Our canvas? The everyday objects found within the walls of our homes.

Our mission was simple yet profound: to study each color of the rainbow through the lens of these objects and capture the essence of each hue in a photograph. What emerged was a dazzling tapestry of colors, each composition a testament to the creativity that can flourish even in the most challenging of times. This endeavor not only brought us closer but also allowed us to see our homes in a new, vibrant light—a testament to the power of art and human connection to transcend the confines of four walls.

Below are my color study compositions.

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