IN-PERSON WORKSHOP: Tarot & The Tree of Life (An Integrative Approach to Tarot through the Connection to the Tree of Life) Dec 14, 2019 (10AM-2PM PST)


This workshop will walk each participant through a brief understanding of the Qabalistic Tree of life and how it is integrated with Chakras, Numerology, and Astrology; while also providing a professional, comprehensive and uniquely layered tarot spread to be utilized as a tarot reader.


REQUIREMENTS: To receive the highest benefit from this course, it is recommended that the course participants have a basic understanding of the Tarot cards and their meaning. For this course the Rider-Waite Tarot deck is used for illustrations. However, participants may also use a different deck of their own choice.

Time: 4 Hour Workshop  (Limit 8-10 People)
Supplies: Tarot & The Tree of Life Workbook, Various Charts & Graphs
Beverages & Snacks
Price: $50

12 WEEK CLASS: Visual Journaling Through the Major Arcana. Nov 3 – Jan 12, 2019 (6PM-7PM PST)


Do you love art and tarot? Have you ever wanted to create your own deck or learn about the tarot cards in a more creative way? This 12-week course is a perfect way to get creative while becoming more connected to tarot. In this course we will walk through the 22 Major Arcana whole created a visual journal using antique books. This is an online course with 5-10 others that will meet weekly to discuss the cards and project for the week. There will also be a Facebook group where we can stay connected through the week to share and discuss what we are working on with others if we choose.


There are no expectations or goals, just come with an open mind. If you would like a more personal experience I also do this session 1-on-1. Free free to contact me to set up and appointment or if you have questions.

12 Week Class  (limit 5-10 people)
Supplies: Tarot Deck, Antique Book, Printer, Pen & Paper, Price: $150
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