Rescued Art 20: Emilie-Touraine “Dino”

Artist: Emilie TouraineTitle: DinoSize: 3″ x 5″, Framed: 6″ x 7″Date: 1966Medium: Oil on Panel What We LearnedNew Mexican Artist Emilie Touraine was born in 1939. This wonderful painting strays away from her more traditional Southwestern painting style. “Dino” was painted in 1969 and Emilie Touraine was also a brief girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix. Biography(Born 1939) The daughter of

Rescued Art 19: Bruce-Pitcairn-Strachan “Drinking Pale”

Artist: Bruce Pitcairn StrachanTitle: UntitledSize: 9″ x 11″, Framed: 13″ x 16″Date: 1973Medium: Oil/Acrylic on Panel BiographyBruce PITCAIRN STRACHAN (1931-2011) was a painter, pianist, writer, actor, and dancer. Born April 23, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the second of three children and the eldest son of Engineer John E. (Jack) Strachan, Jr. and writer Margaret (Peg) Pitcairn

Rescued Art 7: Sussey “Unknown”

Artist: SusseyTitle: UntitledSize: 11″ x 14″Date: 1967Medium: Graphite on Paper For more information or purchase inquiries please email us at:

Rescued Art 15: Carol Weiss “Unknown”

Artist: Carol WeissTitle: UntitledSize: 5″ x 7″, Framed: 8″ x 11″Date: UnknownMedium: Oil on Paper BiographyCarol Weiss’ soft, impressionistic oil paintings of landscapes and flowers are inspired by the area around her home on a beautiful river in Wisconsin, and by her travels through the English countryside. Emphasizing the harmony and patterns of

Rescued Art 18: Lucy Warnick “Untitled”

Artist: Lucy WarnickTitle: UntitledSize: 9″ x 6″Date: UnknownMedium: Oil on Canvas Artist StatementI love painting the natural world. My focus is light, movement and color whether my subject is landscape, still life, the figure, or abstraction. Long days spent in new or familiar places fuel my imagination. In my studio I begin