Become A Better Artist? Experiment & Gain New Brain Connections

In this video, I discuss trying other mediums to help you become a better artist. Many artists get stuck in one medium, one style, or similar color pallets. For some, it may require venturing outside your comfort zone. For others, it may simply be a matter of giving oneself an extra push into the hemisphere of the creative mind. Either way, be it habitual or lack of creative growth, we each have the ability to access certain key points within the brain to help boost and advance our creativity.

Science says that stepping outside the box of what we are comfortable with helps us gain new brain synapsis which in turn helps us grow as an artist. If we could rewire and build new bridges within the mind that have never been tapped into before, one can only imagine the possibilities of new creative output. Perhaps this information provided in this video can help you gain new and unexplored experiences in your creative pursuits!

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