A Peek Inside My Art Studio

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Studio Haven

As every artist knows, a studio can easily turn into a chaotic mix of brushes, paints, and half-finished canvases without a method to the madness. I’d love to walk you through how I’ve organized my supplies, share the amazing materials I’m honored to use.

I am excited t share with you the antique jars I use for supplies, some of my storage furniture, my wooden art supply boxes, my video setup and much more. Plus you will get to meet Jenkins.

The studio is not just about the tools. Scattered around my studio are unique treasures I’ve collected over the years. Each item has a story to tell, and I’m eager to share with you art, oddities and antiques that surround me for inspiration.

I like to share….

My workspace isn’t just for me; it’s for all of us. I’ve got a dedicated work station where creativity comes alive, and right beside it, a framing station where finished pieces get their final touch. And if you’re a dog lover, you’ll adore the cute little couch I’ve set aside just for our furry friends. They love it, and it’s always a treat to have them around, adding a touch of warmth and comfort.

Now, here’s a little tidbit: this is the biggest studio I’ve ever had! While the space is mostly mine, I share it with my talented partner. He claims 20% of this art haven, but fear not, he has his very own studio sanctuary downstairs. Two studios, one home – we feel very lucky!

My home is and Art Installation

My home holds immense significance in my life. After being confined to it for years due to illness, my perception of it transformed. It evolved into a sanctuary, a museum, and a library, brimming with cherished treasures. Such extended periods indoors profoundly shift one’s connection and interaction with their living space.

I fell in love with the idea of a home being a work of art – an art installation. Although my home doesn’t seem too unusual to me, many visitors often find themselves engrossed in its rooms, admiring treasures from wall to wall. Much of it is lovingly handmade by artisans from around the world.

I’ve acquired pieces from artists, galleries, and even rescued art from thrift stores and antique shops. Additionally, many artworks have been heartfelt gifts from other creative souls in my life.

If you like unique homes, you should check out one of my most favorite places: Luna Parc.

Luna Parc

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