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Solo Exhibition

Between the Serene & Unknowable


In this exhibition, I am showcasing 8 paintings that delve into the profound moments of life and the enigmatic unknown. Life is filled with unpredictability, and navigating through its uncertainties can be a challenge for many. Through my art, I invite viewers to contemplate the serene moments within the chaos of the unknown.

This exhibition is a journey towards embracing curiosity, finding solace in calmness, and remaining open to the mysteries that lie ahead.


Galleries & Exhibitions


04/12 The Tropics, Modern Eden Gallery, CA
06/02 Ephemeral, Nanny Goat Gallery, CA
06/08 Animal Spirits & Lonely Hearts, Stranger Factory, NM
06/15 Portotrait Show 12, Modern Eden Gallery, CA
06/23 Cat & CrowInverarity Gallery, Scotland
07/18 TBD, Redefine Gallery, FL
10/14 Bewitching XI, Stranger Factory, NM
12/06 Winter Salon, Stranger Factory, NM

Solo/2 Person

04/19 Between The Serene & Unknowable (Solo), AFPA Gallery, FL
Dec 2024 2 Person, Revolution Gallery, NY
May 2025 Solo, Curio Gallery, Portugal
April 2025 Solo, VAC, Idaho


07/12 Embracing Allegory, Delia Dante, Boise, ID



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