Life is too damn short not to go for everything you’ve ever wanted, even if it seems ridiculous. – ak




Solo Exhibition

09/02 Title TBA, Stranger Factory, NM

Curated Exhibition

12/02 Indomitable Spirit, Curio Art Gallery, Portugal.

In life we are always growing, evolving and changing. As we move through life, new information arrises, experiences unfold and we move through trials and tribulations as individuals and as a collective. Living beings ebb and flow with life and move through the small and large waves of the human existence, in this we have an Indomitable Spirit. Every one of us.

Group Exhibitions

03/15 Dark Tale Classics, Stranger Factory, NM
04/08 Hospitality House’s 38th Fundraiser, Modern Eden Gallery, CA
05/13 Beyond the Horizon, Modern Eden Gallery, CA
09/21, Skulls & Skeletons in Art,  Lakeland CC, OH