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Creativity inspired by the heartfelt desire to connect to the world


Life is too damn short not to go for everything you’ve ever wanted, even if it seems ridiculous. – ak

Hello, I Am Aunia

The work I create is inspired by the heartfelt desire to connect to the world where real-time participation has been minimal. As a human who struggled with an undiagnosed illness that left me on the brink of death for two decades – creativity has been my lifeline. This unforeseen lifeline provided a vessel to channel numerous ways to engage with my unfolding story. What is more, it has become a direct connection to other peoples’ stories in this vast world of beauty and complicated life challenges.

Recent Interview

Recent Interview with an amazing the amazing Oregon broker, Irina Dobrotolyubov.

“In this interview, I chat with Aunia Kahn, who is the founder and CEO of Rise Visible! Aunia is a phenomenal and multi-faceted individual, and she’s battled so many hurdles to get to where she is today. After experiencing a myriad of undiagnosed health struggles for years, Aunia was finally able to receive proper care and move her business from SURVIVING to THRIVING!”


12/09: Winter Salon XII, Stranger Factory, NM
10/01 Bewitching XI, Stranger Factory, NM
10/08: Danse Macabre, Modern Eden Gallery, NM
09/10: Totem, Modern Eden Gallery, NM
10/01 Bewitching XI, Stranger Factory, NM
08/15 Mighty, Modern Eden Gallery, CA
07/15 Animal Spirits and Lonely Hearts, Stranger Factory, NM
04/23 Delicatessen, Cactus Gallery, CA
04/09 100 Trees, Modern Eden Gallery, CA

Press & Media

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