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Creativity inspired by the heartfelt desire to connect to the world


Life is too damn short not to go for everything you’ve ever wanted, even if it seems ridiculous. – ak

Hello, I Am Aunia

The work I create is inspired by the heartfelt desire to connect to the world where real-time participation has been minimal. As a human who struggled with an undiagnosed illness that left me on the brink of death for two decades – creativity has been my lifeline. This unforeseen lifeline provided a vessel to channel numerous ways to engage with my unfolding story. What is more, it has become a direct connection to other peoples’ stories in this vast world of beauty and complicated life challenges.





2023 Artist Feature, Stranger Factory, NM
01/2023: The Year Of The Rabbit, Modern Eden Gallery, NM
10/21: Day of The Dead, Living Art & Science Center, KY
10/01 Bewitching XI, Stranger Factory, NM

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Press & Media

I Have to Live in a Bubble—and Each Day Is a Potential Medical Emergency—but I Am Still Empowered

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Marketing Re-Imagined: Aunia Kahn Of Rise Visible On How We Can Re-Imagine The Marketing Industry To Make It More Authentic, Sustainable, And Promote More Satisfaction

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