Aunia Kahn is a figurative artist, photographer, author, web/graphic designer, a creative entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. She’s has created a hybrid art form combining many disciplines which she invariably designs, builds, and executes characters, non-existent places, dreams, illusions, fears and fables into creations melding elements of classical and contemporary art. Her art is often compared to movie-like stills hiding away long stories within their visuals. She has garnered several awards, having been featured in numerous publications, and represented and collected nationally and internationally, along with being a published author has provided her a platform to guest lecture at colleges and universities.

Project driven with community interest prompted Aunia to pursue curating several exhibitions and book projects including the Moon Goddess exhibit, Tarot Under OathLowbrow Tarot Project, etc. which later inspired the launch of Alexi Era Gallery, showcasing international and national artists in the Pop Surreal genre and the Museum of Rescued (MORA) which was established in an effort to rescue discarded and dispossessed art due to a variety of circumstances in which one may never truly know. She has also published many personal projects include the  Silver Era TarotInspirations for Survivors, Obvious Remote Chaos, Minding the Sea: Inviting the Muses Over for Tea, Avalanche of White Reason, Witch’s Oracle and her forthcoming curated books; An Epidemic of Retrospective, Disintegrating Stars, and the Muse Tarot. She also runs Kailum Design & Marketing and has been a web and graphic designer for 20 years and is currently employed at the at the OSLP Arts & Culture Program which supports artists with developmental disabilities create, showcase and expand their creativity through the arts. She loves animals, Persian blue, humming birds, and Jeeps.