Muse Tarot

It’s been 14 years since I started the creation of the Silver Era Tarot ( Since then, I have created oracle decks, collaborative decks and have been a part of various tarot project (, however I have not created a new full 78 tarot card deck – until now.

The Muse Tarot started 5 years ago and I even secured a publishing deal, but inspiration slowly fell away and I felt it was not the time. Tarot speaks to me and back then, she told me – not now. It can’t be forced.

Over the last few months the inspiration has hit me hard. With finishing my art book and other projects – the Muse Tarot started calling me again….

On the left is the Hierophant from the Silver Era Tarot, 2004-2010 and the new version of the Hierophant 2018 (rough draft).

I am super excited for this project!

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